About Our Ministry

Through the leading of the Holy Spirit and the passion for reaching out to the unreached souls with the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ burning in the heart of the then Zonal Superintendent of Foursquare Gospel Church, Lagos Island Zone. Rev. Felix O. Oke, a three day crusade in Ajah town between Thursday the 4 th to Saturday 6 th April, 1996, led to the pioneering of the Ajah District Headquarters Church on the 7 th April, 1996. There were existing churches in this area which were created as a result of the combined efforts of the then Lagos Island Zone under Rev. Felix Oke. Notable among these were Ado-Langbasa Church that became a zone under Rev. R.T. Akeke and Victoria Island Peninsula Church, later a zone under Rev. E. A. Akeju. Some of the Churches pioneered then included Ikota 1&2, Oke-Ire Foursquare. Ajah District was inaugurated on Sunday 27 th September, 2015 comprising 4 Zones namely, Ajah Zone, Ado-Langbasa Zone, Addo Zone and Atlantic Nominee Zone. Two other Zones were created in 2017. Namely Oke-Ire Zone and Awoyaya Marvellous Zone. At the inception of the district, it was a gloomy situation as about 85% of our churches were in critical stages of degradation, thus begging for resuscitation and survival. The churches were in dire need of lifeline, despite the make beliefs and erroneous impression created about our real situation, simply because we are situated in the prosperous Lekki-Ajah Peninsula. Our churches were a big contrast to the affluent environment. This is an added disadvantage in the effort to reposition the churches for sustenance and growth. Our dilemma is aggravated against the backdrop of our General Overseer’s directives that our churches must be environmental/community Compliant. We were faced with the task of changing the face of our churches from make-shift, shrine-like structures on a somehow trespassed or temporary land tenure to community compliant churches We decided to take the bull by the horn; hence what is now called the Orchid Hotel Summit Recommendations. At Orchid, the Leadership of the district in a candid show of “I can do spirit,” came up with recommendations to change the fortune of the district and the narratives of our disadvantages. The Orchid Summit recommendations still remains our blue print for development and strategic engagement. What are these? That training and retraining is sinequa non to development. A trained mind is an empowered mind for change. This is to include personal development, in-house training at church, zone and district levels, and personnel training/development On infrastructural development. I want to thank God for the progress made in this direction. Our churches on their landed property are making considerable development progress. Badore Jetty is making steady progress in completing the church auditorium. Badore Express is putting up a befitting edifice, which when completed, will be a landmark on the Addo-Badore expressway. Not too far from Badore Express is the newly acquired property belonging to Addo Zonal Headquarter Church. Work has started but put on hold for perfection of processes with government. In the meantime, on the existing place of worship, an elaborate and state of the art redevelopment was embarked upon by the church and this is a pride to this district. Oke-Ire Zonal Headquarter is also putting up a befitting Zonal Headquarters Church, that when completed, will be a plus to the district and the organization. This is a far cry from the position it was at the inception of the district. Greenland Estate Church is also another envious development in the district. This church was under a canopy, situated in a swampy land, but today has a magnificent structure and may soon become a zonal headquarters by our projections. This is where the Zonal Superintendent of Ajah Zone presides from. Tokunbo Church has also possessed an additional land to the existing built-up church and further development may commence soon. Awoyaya Zonal Headquarter Church is another case of true change of status as regards their property. No wonder, the church is called Marvellous. No one gave them a chance that something good could come from this place because of some perceptions which the Lord turned around. It is particularly gladdening to me to note the proposed re-development of Ado-Langbasa Zonal Headquarter Church. This church has given so much and her development will be a crowning glory to a mother church per excellence. The District Headquarter Church also experienced multi-dimensional development and upgrade of infrastructure and facilities, with a state of the art IT communication facilities and amenities in a conducive and cosy environment germaine to good worship of our Great God. The district also adopted Bali Missionary District, with the planting of churches in the area apart from other zones initiatives outside Lagos. These are the churches, zones in the district we are presenting to the General Overseer through the National Secretary for Upgrade to a Full Fledge District